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Scarves....Where to you keep yours?

As you can imagine I have a lot of scarves and like most do not have masses of hanging space.   Seasonal rotation is the key!!  Always on the hunt for hanger ideas and new ways to display a favourite scarf, some prints can look as beautiful as a picture on the wall.

Heres a few ideas from Pinterest:

Drape, hang, or tie scarves around wood suit hangers for an easy, clean look. This also will help show how they will hang around the neck.

Scarf hangerScarf Hanger

DIY a Wooden suit hanger with shower curtain rings to loop your scarves through.

Scarf Hanger

Ingenious way to use embroidery hoops, the wood on wood rails with the colourful scarves would be lovely to also have on display!

Now this DIY hanger might take a little more effort to make but the effect is perfect for an entrance hall or somewhere on view.

Pegs! Obviously the wood not the plastic for a rustic effect.  

Plastic pipes or cardboard tubes stacked in the bottom of the wardrobe or in a cube shelf.  Also good for tights and vests.

Lastly, the over the door hangers and towel rails are great for displaying your range of scarves or the fixed rails for inside a door or ladder effect up a wall.

Scarf Towel Rail

Heres a towel rail from the holding company that would look great.

Hope this has given some inspiration to help tidy up those piles of scarves and get organised for spring.  

Start your hanger collection with a free brass scarf hanger when you spend over £30. Also a scarf + hanger makes a great gift. Add a message to your order and we will gift wrap and send direct.

Brass Scarf Hanger

Happy Hanging!

Kate x

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